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5 Facial Fixes with Filler Injections

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Facial or dermal fillers can create incredible enhancements to your facial features. From contouring the cheeks to filling your lips, you can enjoy a new look with a quick filler treatment. At LL Aesthetics, we are experts in utilizing quality fillers to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking results for our facial filler injections. Here are five facial fixes that can be completed with our filler injection treatments.

  1. Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation
    Deep tear troughs, eye bags and dark circles under the eyes can make you look old and tired. One of the best non-surgical refreshments for the eyes is adding facial filler under the eyes. With careful application, the right filler can smooth bags and grooves for beautiful eye rejuvenation.
  2. Full, Well-Shaped Lips
    Dermal fillers can give you the lips you desire. Whether genetics short-changed you on lip volume or aging has made your lips thinner, facial filler injections can quickly give you gorgeous lips that will make you smile.
  3. Cheek Contouring
    The midface and cheeks play a significant role in your facial appearance. Lost volume in the midface can create a sunken and older appearance. Dermal fillers can give the cheeks a lift and help minimize lines around the nasolabial fold.
  4. Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement
    The chin is an important facial feature – if it is too small or oddly shaped, it can impact the facial shape and balance. Chin filler injections can reshape and define the chin for a more attractive jawline and symmetry among the facial features.
  5. Temple Filler Injections
    One of the sneaky areas that loses volume with age are the temples. Adding filler to sunken temples can provide a discreet facial rejuvenation – people will not be able to pinpoint what has changed, only notice that you look more energetic and youthful after your treatment.

Dermal fillers can provide incredible results in just a quick office visit. There is no downtime needed, and most fillers provide instant volume once injected. To learn more about our favorite facial filler treatments, contact us at LL Aesthetics to schedule a filler consultation at our Miami Beach, FL, location.

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