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What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?

If you are considering facial filler injections, you will hear a lot about hyaluronic acid. What is Hyaluronic acid (HA)? Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body, and it has incredible properties. It is a lubricant that retains moisture – a quarter of a teaspoon of hyaluronic acid can retain over a gallon of water. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is found in the largest volume in the joints, eyes and skin. It helps keep the joints smoothly moving and the eyes lubricated. For the skin, it makes it soft, supple and plump, which is why it is such a popular substance for dermal fillers. At LL Aesthetics in Miami Beach, we offer different brands of hyaluronic acid fillers that can produce beautiful cosmetic results.

Hyaluronic acid comes in many forms, including oral supplements, creams and liquids, all that can be used to add moisture to the body. There are many over-the-counter products that contain HA since it is considered very safe for use for moisturizing the skin or joints. In prescription form, it can be injected into the desired areas, including the joints for arthritis or under the skin for cosmetic purposes.

HA Cosmetic Injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are a staple for many men and women who want to look their best. HA comes in many formulas, from tiny particles in thin gels for use right below the skin to larger particles in denser gels that are meant for lifting and sculpting the face. Belotero® and Restylane® are two of the most popular brands of HA cosmetic injections. Both have different formulas that can be used to lift and smooth lines or wrinkles, as well as plump lips, fill temples or hide dark circles under the eyes.

HA injections are very popular due to their safe and effective results. In about 15-20 minutes, HA injections can provide volume under the skin that can last for several months or longer. The injections can be placed in various areas to create the desired effect – lips, tear troughs, cheeks, chins, jawlines, hands and many other areas. No downtime is required, and HA injections have very few possible side effects, mostly from the needle used in the injection, such as temporary bruising or swelling.

If you are interested in learning more about HA injections, come see us at LL Aesthetics in Miami Beach, FL.

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Lisa is amazing! I’ve been going to her for a few years now. She is friendly, professional, very knowledgeable and above all honest. She truly cares about her craft and her clients! She always answers any questions I may have and makes great suggestions. I 10/10 would recommend!
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The best injector I ever went to! Pretty and personable as well as gentle and knowledgeable. Lisa also has very gentle hands and her work is flawless. Highly recommend!
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Lisa is super talented, honest and does incredible work. I would only trust Lisa with my Botox fillers and peels. There is no one else that would be so honest with what you need and not over do it.
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